Puglia is waiting for you

A land rich in tradition and folklore, natural and architectural beauty, flavours and colours, Puglia is surely one of the most beautiful regions of Italy. It’s unique features have brought it admiration from around the globe. A treasure chest of art, culture, history and nature, a land of sun and sea, it’s the perfect place for any trip dedicated to pleasure and relaxation, suitable for all types of tourists and able to meet every demand thanks to the vast, varied landscapes found here. And we mustn’t forget the incredible food, exquisite wine and great hospitality. Let yourself be charmed by this unique land. Puglia is waiting for you.


Bari, administrative centre of the region and province, is a city full of attractions, history and traditions. It has always been a crossroads where Eastern and Western cultures have come together.

The mild climate, warm and hospitable people, the flavours of the traditional cuisine, the large number of monuments and historical sites of interest, make Bari the ideal destination to spend a few relaxing days, surrounded by the beauty of the sea and the charm of the past.

A city which includes extraordinary architecture such as the Teatro Petruzzelli, the cultural hub of the city and the largest private theatre in Europe, in addition to historical buildings - the Norman-Swabian Castle, the Basilica of San Nicola and San Sabino Cathedral are just some of the pearls enclosed within the walls of the old city, all to discover and experience.


With its breath-taking beaches and beautiful historic centre with High-Medieval origins overlooking the sea, Monopoli is the place where art, history and entertainment come together harmoniously.

Called "the city of a hundred districts" because it is divided into various agricultural sections, each with unique characteristics, Monopoli offers unforgettable and unique experiences and scenarios: walks on the promenade, visits to the numerous monuments that characterize this charming old village, and nightlife by the sea remain indelible in the memory of those who spend their holidays in this Puglian town.

Polignano a Mare

Polignano a Mare is undoubtedly the pearl of the province of Bari. A unique city, where the sea is the protagonist. With its fascinating sea caves and natural terraces overlooking the Adriatic, Polignano offers unforgettable experiences, uniting unique scenery, eye-catching colours and traditional flavours.

The historical centre, characterized by the remnants of Roman rule, lets visitors explore striking avenues and squares that run into the sea, or enjoy a breath-taking view, surrounded by the blue crystalline sea. Since 2008, Polignano has received the Bandiera Blu (Blue Flag), an award given to Italy’s best beaches. In addition, delectable restaurants and excellent clubs will make your stay richer and tastier.

Castellana Grotte

Located on the Murgia Plateau, Castellana is best known for its spectacular complex of caves, karst underground cavities, a natural place counted among the most beautiful and evocative of Italy.

The beauty of the caves attracts visitors from all over the world and, since they opened to the public, more than 15 million people have walked these suggestive underground routes. A visit to the caves follows a 3 km path on an extraordinary guided tour, about 70 meters underground, in a stunning setting. Caves, canyons, deep abysses, fossils, stalactites, stalagmites and concretions of incredible shapes and amazing colours inspire the imagination of children and adults.


Alberobello is a one-of-a-kind town, recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1996 thanks to its great architectural and cultural value .

Known worldwide for its trulli: houses built in stone with a special self-supporting, domed roof, made of overlapping concentric stone circles, embellished with decorative pinnacles. Alberobello has been the star of many movie sets and remains one of the most magical and evocative places in our region.


Putignano, famous for hosting the oldest carnival in Europe (which is also among the longest in the world), is a beautiful town which extends over three hills, less than 40 km from Bari.

The heart of the town, gathered around Piazza Plebiscito, is an elegant parade of palaces and monuments just waiting to be discovered: the Balì Palace, the Mother Church, the fourteenth-century Church of Santa Maria la Greca with its Baroque facade, and the Church of San Domenico, with its monastery and Romanesque bell tower, are just some of the many places to visit. To add a bit more thrill and excitement to your stay in Puglia, you can explore underground: the surrounding countryside is home to the Grotta del Trullo, an impressive karst cave embellished with an extraordinary bloom of crystals and a forest of alabaster stalactites and stalagmites.


Houses painted in white lime and its peculiar topography have earned Ostuni fairy-tale epithets, such as the "White City", "Queen of the Olive Trees" and the “Nativity City".

The old city, called "La Terra", is unique and entirely unmistakable: the dazzling, strictly-white, monochrome colour of the town is its defining characteristic. Stone-paved streets, delightful shops and, most of all, the deep blue sea make Ostuni one of the most charming villages of our Puglia. Its crystal-clear waters, the beauty of its coast and the beach services offered have made it worthy of the Bandiera Blu (Blue Flag) award and five sails from the Legambiente, becoming, in 2014, the city with the cleanest sea in Italy.


Known as “The Florence of the South", Lecce, the heart of Salento, is the easternmost city in Italy, rich in history and traditions, influenced by ancient Messapian origins, Roman culture and the enormous wealth of the Leccese Baroque.

Bright decorations enrich the buildings and enhance the intense tones of the local stone, a soft, compact limestone with warm, golden hues that is easily worked and cut. Walking through the streets of the city, you can admire the beautiful examples of the processing of this stone on monuments, churches as well as the balconies and terraces of private homes, enjoying the colours and unique fragrances of this unforgettable land.

Martina Franca

Martina Franca, known for its Baroque architecture, whitewashed streets and the Itria Valley music festival, is situated on the southern foothills of Murgia, on the border of the provinces of Taranto, Brindisi and Bari.

Martina Franca enjoys a unique and ancient history, all for you to discover. The first settlement on the hill dates back to the tenth century, and the city was a military outpost protecting Taranto until at least 1300, when it was elevated to a municipality by Filippo I d'Angiò, Prince of Taranto. A crossroads between the East and the Mediterranean, in this corner of Puglia the scents and colours of the surrounding countryside and the historic and architectural richness of the area intermingle.