Putignano, famous for hosting the oldest carnival in Europe (which is also among the longest in the world), is a beautiful town which extends over three hills, less than 40 km from Bari.

The heart of the town, gathered around Piazza Plebiscito, is an elegant parade of palaces and monuments just waiting to be discovered: the Balì Palace, the Mother Church, the fourteenth-century Church of Santa Maria la Greca with its Baroque facade, and the Church of San Domenico, with its monastery and Romanesque bell tower, are just some of the many places to visit. To add a bit more thrill and excitement to your stay in Puglia, you can explore underground: the surrounding countryside is home to the Grotta del Trullo, an impressive karst cave embellished with an extraordinary bloom of crystals and a forest of alabaster stalactites and stalagmites.