Where to sleep in Monopoli

Puglia isn’t just hospitality. Puglia is an experience, and to truly appreciate its value it’s important to live it authentically.

Staying in one of the residences at Masseria Spina Resort is the perfect way to discover everything this land offers, in depth – emotions included.

This is exactly what we experienced. Unique emotions, even for Puglians.

Gianmaria & Valeria, Sogni in Valigia

A romantic love story in Puglia

This is the story of lovers who decide to run away and secretly get married in an old farmhouse in the countryside.
A romantic meander down to the sea, through the olive groves of their land…and finally, a charming dinner for two.
No white dress, but a black gown because their love is pure yet full of contrasts.

Read more: https://goo.gl/uV8vJZ

An experience at Masseria Spina

Monopoli is a little gem and the complex of Masseria Spina Resort has done nothing but make our stay even more memorable.

It wouldn’t be correct to define it simply by the world “resort”, as it’s a real experience. It’s like going back in time and finding yourself wandering in the distant past, including walls that seem ready to tell all the countless events that they’ve witnessed. 

Marika e Diego, Gate 309: https://goo.gl/bHdKC1

Monopoli para brasileiros

Puglia is a magical and unpretentious land. It's an enchanting place where being surprised truly is a daily experience.

We spent our Italian vacation in Monopoli, a very picturesque town a stone’s throw from Bari, where two energetic and tenacious Brazilians like us had a great time. Here’s our report on Italy Para Brasileiros: goo.gl/fnCHWT


Trip to Monopoli, the city for which you cry twice

A year later I returned to Puglia; a new trip to Monopoli has just ended and I’m jotting down these words as I try to control and make sense of the emotions crowded inside me.

But it isn’t quite so easy. Between visits in the historic centre, excursions in the countryside and a tour on the catamaran, we had the pleasure of discovering Masseria Spina, where, in addition to a visit to a centuries-old, authentic aristocratic manor farm, we were able to take part in a cooking lesson to learn how to make panzerottiand rice, potatoes and mussels, two local dishes par excellence.

Eventually I'll talk to you about all this in more detail. What I must do right now is to sort through the thousand emotions welling up in me, still incredulous that this year my trip to Monopoli has already ended. What remains is wonderful memories of those incredible days in the province of Bari.

Gian Luca, Viaggia e scopri: goo.gl/CZXfjR