A romantic love story in Puglia

This is the story of lovers who decide to run away and get married in secret in an old family house in the countryside.
A romantic drivel down to the sea, through the olive groves of their land…and finally, a charming dinner for two.
No a white dress, but a black gown because their love is pure yet thwarted.

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An experience in Masseria Spina

Monopoli is a little gem and the complex of Masseria Spina Resort has done nothing but make our stay even more memorable.

Its not correct to define it simply with the resort-term, since it is a real experience. It is like going back in time and find yourself wandering in past times, including walls that seem ready to tell all the countless events that have seen them protagonists. 

Marika e Diego, Gate 309: https://goo.gl/bHdKC1

Monopoli para brasileiros

Puglia is a magical and unpretentious land. It's a really lovely place where be surprised is really on the agenda.

We spent our Italian vacation in Monopoli, a very picturesque town within walking distance of Bari, where two energetic and tenacious Brazilians like us have really enjoyed. Here it is our report on Italy Para Brasileros: goo.gl/fnCHWT

Trip to Monopoli, the city for which you cry twice

A year later I returned to Puglia, a new trip to Monopoli has just ended and I write these words in one go trying to control and order the emotions that crowd inside me.

But its not so easy. Between visits in the historic center, excursions in the countryside and tour on the catamaran, we had the pleasure to discover Masseria Spina,where in addition to the visit of an authentic and ancient aristocratic manor farm we were able to take part in a cooking lesson to learn how to make the panzerotti and rice potatoes and mussels, two local dishes par excellence.

But slowly I'll talk to you about all this in more detail. What I must do right now is to be able to order a thousand emotions that crowd in me, still incredulous that this year my trip to Monopoli has already ended and remain only wonderful memories of those wonderful days in the province of Bari.

Gian Luca, Viaggia e scopri: goo.gl/CZXfjR

An Apulian wedding

It's almost noon. The sun is burning; a light breeze moves the leaves of our olive trees. The first guests arrive, panting from the heat, but happy for the event. The tables are ready: the white of the fine victuals fits perfectly with red roses and silver decorations. The bride and groom, effulgent, come in a carriage; she is beautiful in her white dress. Everything is ready to begin.
There is music, there are flowers, laughs, talks.
There is the magic of a day that will never be forgotten. Come the first courses, the service is perfect as perfect is the time: love is in the air. Culinary art paths alternate with tradition and innovation, satisfying  forkfuls accompany the rhythm of a sound a bit crazy, a little going. We raise our glasses, we are all happy. As the day unfolds, the lights are brighter and colorful, the sky is a carpet of stars. Between laughs and smiles, you can dance to the rhythm of accordion, drum and acoustic guitar.

It gathers around the bride and groom dancing most of all, with eyes full of joy. If you move a few steps from the square, you can hear the distant sound of the sea and understand to be in the best place. Within our walls, you can smell the festival of colors, the sea and the warm wind of the past.

Everything feels like Puglia at Masseria Spina Resort!

Between past and present

Secretly organizing the wedding of our guys, but after so much mystery and doubt, a wonderful surprise: the day that we wanted to live, nestled among the olive trees of a historic Masseria.

We breathed the air of the folk tradition: long tables decorated with fragrant essences, many candles that warmed the environment with their lights blazing, illuminating magically the happy faces, to celebrate together their love. Exquisite ans simple food, stylish fittings, a wonderful "pelleted" of yesteryear. I never thought that two young modern knew to resume the tradition of their grandparents who, from there, will both smile happy.

Thanks magical Masseria to have been able to give a unique day for our sons and their guests!

Pleasant memories

An invitation to an Apulian wedding Puglia by my dear friends could not let me escape!

As we arrived, we were placed in one of the mythical residences of the Masseria. It seems like when we were little more than boys, staying in the country house of one of our parents, only with a lot more comfort! A funny day  where "boys" and "girls" were separated. The first in a sailing boat, the latter make them fair. And then the fateful day! The magic of the visit of the Masseria with its ancient olive trees, the rocky settlements, the Tower, the churches, the tangerine gardens. A culinary journey dislocated in the park, with Apulian  "delicacies"... what a treat!

My friends, get married in Puglia!

A special day

Finally arrived! The day I always dreamed when i was a child: the celebration of our wedding! The sky was clear, a special blue, which made "light" our minds. The Masseria welcomed us in its simple majesty, with tables full of all goodness, wild flowers and ears of wheat that adorned the tables. Eyes and taste satisfied. Popular Music and joy to celebrate the culmination of an eternal love. At dusk torches and candles have made to sparkle our happy eyes. We launched our lanterns in the sky, along with our wishes. Into infinity, in that sky that had become black, studded with stars along with our stars. Stars in the stars.