Within our walls, you are surrounded by a symphony of colours, the sea and the warm wind of the past.

Everything feels like Puglia here at Masseria Spina Resort.


The red walls of the Masseria Spina Resort, an ideal location for weddings, special occasions, business meetings, major informative or educational events, stand out from their surroundings, immersed in a seven-hectare park of olive trees.

On a day like many others, this historic oasis can become the headquarters of a company meeting where the warm and welcoming atmosphere, contact with nature and the Puglian folklore encourage concentration. The skilled maintenance of the rustic style of this property makes this meeting pleasant and characteristic, taking place in a relaxed atmosphere, to be remembered with pleasure.


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The setting of our historical oasis and the magic of the landscape are the fundamental ingredients for a perfect wedding in Puglian style. At Masseria Spina, time seems to stand still, regaling us with unique, original and unforgettable moments.

La Sala delle Mangiatoie, the foyer, the outdoor spaces with pine trees overlooking the sea and the main courtyard of the Masseria, accommodating up to 400 people, are perfect for different events: concerts, theatre performances, temporary exhibitions and private functions.

To make the complex even more fascinating, the beautiful pool, set in its own characteristic courtyard, offers countless interpretations and emotions for your party.

To experience the magic of your special moment, enveloped by the beauty and flavours of Puglian traditions and accompanied by the charm of history, Masseria Spina offers a wide range of environments and modular solutions that can meet the needs of every reception.


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