Fortified Masseria Spina Grande

Originally, Masseria Spina Grande was a three-story fortified building, with a square plan, designed to defend the territory.

Over the years, the building has undergone several architectural changes which altered the look and shape of the primitive fortification, giving it its current appearance of a villa and the characteristic sense of "freedom of access" to visitors.

The most recent underground olive press is located within the boundary wall of Masseria Spina Grande and was used up to 35 years ago; at the entrance of the latter olive press is an image of the Madonna della Madia, the patron saint of Monopoli.

The rooms are large, typically asymmetric and exceptionally bright thanks to the presence of large skylights. Equipment which was used to extract olive oil is still in place, giving the olive press an aspect suspended between the archaic and the modern.

Inside the walls of Spina Grande there's another smaller cave, originally used as a wine-pressing area but which later became a tub to slake and store lime.